72H x Hyper Island x Transdev

For 72 hours, Hyper Island and Transdev will join forces with policy makers and other stakeholders in Sweden to confront the challenges faced by public transportation today. More than 250 Hyper Island students will work together to generate creative solutions and explore ways to leverage technology to further the development of sustainable public transportation within their communities.

Making public transportation more attractive

Modern public transportation systems face many and varied challenges. Large cities like Stockholm suffer from cluttered road networks as most inhabitants try to get to and from the workplace during peak hours. At the same time, public transportation in rural areas faces completely different challenges, with infrequent departures leading to car dependency and half-empty buses. How do we meet these and other challenges and encourage more people to choose public transportation?

Transdev is a global public transportation operator with extensive experience from both rail, road and boat operations in Sweden, operating both urban and regional traffic as well as commercial buses and train. Transdev’s ambition is to use its expertise to contribute to the development of sustainable public transportation solutions in expanding cities and markets all over the world.

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